Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday Mimosa Make & Take "Encaustic Wax Workshop"

Sunday we had a great time during the encaustic wax workshop! Students brought in their own pictures as well as used some that were on hand. "Encaustic" means with wax. A collage is created using pictures, papers, tissue, fibers, mica, bark, and other ephemera that is collaged with hot wax.Carol Leadbetter began the class with a background on the steps, materials, and safety of this craft. Then we got busy preparing our surface to collage.

It was fun to use the heat guns! Don't we look tough with our power tools?!!! Using the right amount of wax was a learning experience. Debbie and I won the contest for the best overuse of wax! Our work spaces had a little wax lake after we were done. Carol helped us all use the torch to melt off some of the excess wax.
The finished products turned out great! And I think this class should be offered again because it was a lot of fun! Here is my encaustic collage and the finished collages of the class...