Monday, April 23, 2012

Encaustics- Tissue Paper & Pastels Craft Party

A rainy Sunday is perfect for a craft party!  Yesterday Margaret Hluch taught "Encaustics- Tissue Paper & Pastels". Encaustic is a method of collaging using hot wax.  Look at all the goodies just waiting to be used...
We talked alot about design and ways of adding color to our collages.  There are so many options and after you see the final results, you will realize that everyone came up with their own unique way of using the supplies!

Look at all of the proud encaustic artists!  They all turned out so differently!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Letter Stamped Picture Pendants Wine & Cheese Craft Party

Wednesday night we had another Wine & Cheese Craft Party! Chrissy Gemmill taught Letter Stamped Picture Pendants!
After choosing our images we decided on words to metal stamp into the pendants.

Everyone went home with a special pendant that they personalized with pictures and words! Check out the results!