Thursday, September 15, 2011

Storybook Pendants Wine & Cheese Craft Party

Wednesday night, Chrissy Gemmill taught a brand new fun class! Storybook Pendants!

We got three metal pieces to write our own personal message on. Skills such as metal stamping, jump ring manipulation and oxidizing were taught in this class.

We had two sets of sisters that took this class!
And The Muse's own Michele Duke finally took a class! She and Chrissy have been friends for awhile so I was so glad she got to take a class from Chrissy!

After practicing our hammering and metal stamping we planned and spaced out our messages.

Then we created our pendants!
After oxidizing, we put together our necklaces to these great results...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Zentangles Make & Take Craft Party

Sunday we spent the afternoon Zentangling and having some wine & cheese! A perfect day if you ask me! Stacie Spencer has been doing Zentangles for a few years now and offerred to share it with The Muse at a Make & Take class! A Zentangle is a meditative doodle. Stacie showed us how to get started and some sample pattern ideas...
Here is a great start that two of the class takers were working on.

After we finished the tile, Stacie showed us how to put them on journal covers using embossing techniques.

Here are the finished results and the happy Zentanglers!