Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paper Fabric Bookmarks Wine & Cheese Craft Party

Allison Lee taught us how to make Paper Fabric on Wednesday! This was the first class she has taught for The Muse! Allison is best known at The Muse for her wonderful cards and calendars that she creates!
Our first step was creating the layers to make the base of the bookmarks. We chose our papers, tissues, fabrics and more to do this.
Stacie & her sister Renee took the class- what a great way to spend time together!

Next we added color with inks, paints, and stamps. At his point we were able to stitch the paper fabric for texture and complete our bookmarks! They all turned out great!

Thanks Allison! We had fun and left with a bunch of cool bookmarks to use and give as gifts!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Encaustics- photo transfer/fabric collage" Mimosa Make & Take

Two full classes for the Encaustics- photo transfer Mimosa Make & Take! This was such a fun class that you got to personalize by using your own photographs! Margaret Hluch first showed us how to do a photo transfer onto gauze. Then it was our turn to try it out...

Next we prepared our surface for the encaustic medium. Creating layers using the wax and collage materials , we were able to make a unique piece of art!

I used a picture of some trees from a trip to Chincoteague in my collage.

These crafty friends had fun and incorporated natural items like leaves in their collage.

Here are some more great results from the class!