Monday, March 15, 2010

Hand Carved Lino Print Mimosa Make & Take

The Hand Carved Lino Cut Block Print Mimosa Make & Take was a huge success! It was fun and rewarding. Courtney Prahl often uses her own carved stamps in her popular collage and mixed media pieces that she sells in The Muse. Here she goes over the basic steps...
We learned how to transfer images onto the block to carve but some people chose to create their own designs.

After carving out our designs, we inked them up and were ready to go! Karen brought along her sketchbook and had us all print our block into the book. This way she had a visual record of all of the various desings that we created in the class.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I am huge fan of the squirrel. I decided to make my block in honor of the squirrel. Here is my finished project...

Here are some more finished results....I think they all turned out great and everyone seemed pleased with the ease of this project and the way they looked by the end!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Nature Impression Pendants Wine & Cheese Craft Party

On Wednesday, Chrissy Gemmill taught a brand new class, "Nature Impression Pendant." It was really great! The results were fantastic. We had a lot of new class takers as well as a few veterans and we all had fun!

We got our kits then got to work! We learned how to wire the beads and pearls. Chrissy showed us the basic jewelry making techniques.

After learning the basics, we learned something new- how to oxidize and patina the pendants!Next step was to figure out the layout of the jewelry. The options and choices of beads were limitless!

Here are some of the results! They look great!