Friday, August 21, 2009

Earring Design Wine & Cheese Craft Party

Wednesday night we had another fun jewelry class with Chrissy Gemmill! There were three earring styles to choose from and many choices of beads and pearls. First Chrissy gave a demonstration on basic jewelry making techniques...After the demonstration, everyone selected their supplies and started making their earringsThese classes are a great way to spend time with friends and family members. The picture below shows two mother daughters that took the class together. Here are some of the finished earrings. Everyone seemed to really like their new jewelry and the best part was they made it themselves!Chrissy and I always have fun at the classes. Its rewarding to see how much fun people have learning a new craft! We're already planning our next jewelry class! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mimosa Make & Take "Oil of Wintergreen Printmaking"

This past Sunday we welcomed Dorthea Barrick to teach our latest class, Oil of Wintergreen Printmaking. Dorthea is a wonderful painter and printmaker from Fairfield, PA who I had the opportunity to take a workshop from a few years ago. When she expressed an interest in teaching for The Muse, I knew people would enjoy this rewarding craft.
Dorthea did a demonstration and showed samples of various past projects. Some were from colored photographs and some were black and white. I think the hardest part was choosing the pictures that we all brought to class... The technique for the printmaking was easy and I overheard some of the students say they liked it because it was instant gratification. We like those kinds of crafts! Kim Grinev from Art Tree ( a craft supply store on Patrick Street) was also at the class and we all encouraged her to carry the oil of wintergreen because we want to do more!
After some of the prints dried, we experimented with adding colored pencils and watercolor crayons to embellish the print. Here are some of the finished samples!