Monday, June 24, 2013

Beginning Silver Wire Wrapping- Earrings

Yesterday we held another craft party!  Stacie Spencer taught everyone how to create wire wrapped earrings! 

 We practiced the techniques using copper wire before starting on the sterling silver!

We hammered the wire design on both sides which gave a cool effect as well as straightened out the earring.

 The copper practice earrings came out nice as well! 
 Elaine always likes to get comfy on the floor!  It must work for her- she always creates beautiful projects! 
Here are the finished results! Thank you Stacie for another fun and very informative class!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chainmail Jewelry Craft Party

When we celebrated National Craft Month in March, our own Muse employee, Carly Hodges, demonstrated how to make chainmail!  It was a big success and people seemed interested to learn more so we offered it as a class! 

Last night, Carly taught a very elaborate and complicated looking technique and made it easy!

She had many colors of rings to choose from.  And many people finished their first one and even made a second one! 
Here are the fun results!