Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nature Inspired Photo Transfer on Glass

Courtney Prahl showed us a new way to photo transfer last night at our craft party!  We transferred images onto glass!  What a world of possibility this opens up...

After learning the basics, we chose our images and began the process.  You need to be patient and trial and error makes this transfer work!

The end results! As you can see, it was fun to learn how to transfer onto glass.  My mind is already thinking of how to use this technique to personalize all sorts of glass pieces!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Encaustics; Photo Transfer on Glass Craft Party

Yesterday Margaret Hluch taught her very popular class, Encaustics and Photo Transfer to a sold out group! We started the day with prepping our encaustic boards with heat and a few layers of wax.

Next was the difficult task of choosing our collage materials to create our composition. Too many pretty choices!

We chose our pictures and photo transferred them onto various papers or fabrics.  It's always magical to lift back the paper and see the transferred image!
And here are the beautiful finished results!