Thursday, April 10, 2014

Linocut on Dictionary Page Craft Party!

It all started with this very cool dictionary.... Courtney Prahl taught a great class last night- linocuts on dictionary pages! 

 Courtney taught us how to transfer a design onto our carving surface.  Some people chose to trace a design and some brave creative souls drew their own design.  We learned how to safely and easily carve the blocks.

 After they were all carved, we searched the dictionary for the perfect page to hand pull our prints onto.  Cardstock and other specialty papers were also used.
 Here are the final results!  Everyone got to take home their carving so they can reuse it to make stationary or more art!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Encaustics; Photo Transfer on Fabric with Pastels & Colored Pencils Craft Party

Yesterday Margaret Hluch taught Encaustics using photo transfers & colored pencils! Even though we have done this class before, it's always fun to see how everyone approaches their compositions and images!

We got started on learning the specifics of how to do encaustics....

 Then we learned how to take our photographs and transfer them.  We also learned about all of the different ways to change the images before and after this process...
And then it was time to have fun and play with the images and collage elements!

Here are some of the final results!