Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bird Baubles Wine & Cheese Craft Party

 Last night was our Bird Baubles Wine & Cheese Craft Party taught by Chrissy Gemmill!  It was a full class and a lot of fun!  First Chrissy showed us the basic techniques of jewelry making.
 Everyone practiced each step and technique until they were comfortable with the skills.

 The most difficult part was selecting the bird baubles to use and the beads.  There were so many good choices it was hard to decide!

 Here is a work in progress by Gladden.  She chose to make a necklace but many people created bracelets.
They all turned out great!  Here are all of the results!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Silhouette Collage Mimosa Make & Take

 Sunday, Courtney Prahl taught us how to create Silhouette Collages using our personal photographs.
 There were many fun papers to choose for our backgrounds and for our images.  It was hard to decide what to use!

 It's always fun to see the pictures that people bring!  Many people brought family members, Claire brought in a drawing she did of a pear and some of us (like me!) used their dog's picture!
 Here are the results!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Encaustics- 2nd Class Make & Take

Last week's Encaustic class filled up quickly so we added a second class to fill the demand.  (that meant I got to play with collage & encaustics two times!) Here are the class pictures! Margaret's husband, Kevin Hluch's pottery pieces were great for making rubbings to incorporate into the encaustics.
 Layers and layers of wax are applied...

 The final results look great!  I always find it so interesting that even when we do the same class with the same exact supplies, people will always come up with completely different effects!