Thursday, September 26, 2013

Soy Wax Scarf Craft Party

Last night's soy wax scarf was a very messy good time! Margaret Hluch showed us how to do the technique using a dye bath and direct dye applications!  We all went home with two finished scarves!
First we set up our frame to tightly hold the fabric while we waxed it.  Then we used stamps, utensils, brushes and tools to apply the wax to create a design!
In between the scarves we had a little time to enjoy some refreshments while our scarves were in the dye bath!
The second scarf was much messier!  After we created our wax design, we painted on our dyes.

Here is Jill Stern with her beautiful autumn colored scarf!

Margaret shows our results from our first scarf that came out of the dye bath.  I hope everyone enjoys their new fall accessories!