Thursday, January 31, 2013

Patterned Metal Stamped Charm Bracelet Craft Party

 This class was so popular that we had to add a second date!  Chrissy Gemmill was back again this week to teach, "Patterned Metal Stamped Charm Bracelet!" Once again we had a fun time!
The students learned the basic techniques of metal stamping and jump ring manipulation. 
There were some practice stamps to get the feel of the pressure and the spacing of the stamps.

So many charms to choose from!
Here are all of our results!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Gelatin Printing Craft Party!

Yesterday we played with Jello at our Gelatin Print Craft Party!  Margaret Hluch showed us a fun way to do monoprints!  We made several unique prints on fabric and paper!  Here is the "before" picture...

We got right into painting and stamping and adding textures to our gelatin plate!  Some of the students were printmakers and they just jumped right in!

 It was so exciting to pull back the fabric and paper to see the results!
 Some of us liked to get extra messy...Lori!!!
Here is the progress on the drying rack...
Here is the "After" picture of the table... You can tell we had a great time playing!

 After we cleaned some things up, we went around the room to see everyone's results!  It was interesting to hear about the different techniques everyone used to get their prints!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Patterned Metal Stamped Charm Bracelet Craft Party

 Last night we had our first of two "Patterned Stamped Metal Charm Bracelet classes.  This class was so popular that we had to add a second class to accommodate all the students.  Chrissy Gemmill once again taught a fun jewelry class and everyone created a beautiful meaningful piece of jewelry!
Chrissy talked about how to design the piece, and how to stamp the metal using symbols, numbers & letters!

 We also learned a useful and necessary skill of jump ring manipulation to attatch our charms.

Here are the finished products!  I love that everyone did something so different!